Early Childhood Education and Development Center

Wesley’s Early Childhood Education and Development Center is a Georgia Quality Rated Center that serves up to 48 disadvantaged children, ages 1-4. Degreed teaching staff follows Creative Curriculum to find the best in each child and promote self-worth, creativity, and family support. Activities include field trips, computer centers, guest speakers, and Healthy Living Initiative classes. Wesley works with the public school system to host a variety of on-site therapy programs for children with differing abilities and/or emotional issues. The Center is in 100% compliance with Bright From the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning regulations and child immunizations.

Lady Bamford Early Learning Center

This Center serves up to 83 children ages 6 weeks – 4 years old who are from homeless and low-income families residing in the West-Savannah area. This Center is nationally accredited and is an approved Georgia Pre-K site (2 classrooms). 

The Center is a collaborative partnership with Lady Carole Bamford, JCB Construction and Equipment, Inc., The City of Savannah, The United Way of the Coastal Empire, The West Savannah Neighborhood Association, and Wesley Community Centers of Savannah, Inc. It remains our collective belief that quality early childhood education directly increases the likelihood of productivity and advanced education, which reduces the amount of government assistance throughout life.

Wesley's Family Life Center

Crisis Intervention (housed in the Paddison Building) - Services include emergency food, utility, and rental assistance, financial literacy, SNAP assistance, and case management. Call (912) 236-4226 to schedule an appointment for Crisis Intervention.

Other services in the Family Life Center include adult education, career closet, food pantry, and computer tutoring.

Youth Arts Camp

Wesley offers a summer camp session as well as a Transition to Kindergarten camp.

Summer program: Is an eight week, full day summer camp for children ages 5-9 that focuses on self-acceptance and the acceptance of others. Themes revolve around different cultures and include cultural cooking, art activities, field trips and guest speakers with a focus on literacy. The Wesley campers write and produce an end-of-camp play that celebrates diversity and depicts the different cultures they studied. This is a treat for parents, guardians, community members, and sponsors alike!

Transition to Kindergarten: A special camp segment for children who are preparing to enter Kindergarten. Camp takes place at The Lady Bamford Early Childhood Education Center and focuses on the skills needed for Kindergarten using a fun, hands-on approach to learning.

Career Development: New and expanded component to include a select group of older campers (ages 10-12). This age group focuses on hands-on exploration of Career Development including field trips, guest speakers, and creating a small business (i.e., product development and creation, research, developing a business plan, and marketing).